About me:

portrait of Jill McLennan Through direct observation of the infrastructure of Oakland, I describe the obstacles and challenges that life in the city evokes. The human perspective has come back to my work through a zoom lens. The images are depictions of the familiar city, described with playful mark and gesture. The entirety of the urban expanse is described through paint.

I am displaying the peripheral vision built out of intimate details, personal histories and diverse stories of the Oakland experience. Through my eyes, the city sparkles in the twilight of the moment, still and always moving, silent and always humming. I am observing, learning and rediscovering who I am in this bustle and hustle.

I draw. I paint and I build settings that describe a place. I make traditional oil paintings on canvas using sketches from the site, direct observation and or photographs of the place I am capturing. Trained in traditional oil painting techniques, drawing and use of color are my expertise. Expanding my repertoire, I developed my own language of encaustic painting. Encaustic has allowed me to combine photography, drawing, painting, and object collecting into a new work of art on or in various surfaces.

I am determined to change a part of our world through art. Artists are messengers who educate generations of people about their time and place. My art shows the persistence of nature to sustain our human society throughout the development of industry and technology.

Jill McLennan

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